Open Enrollment

Yes. As in previous years, both the online and phone enrollment options will be available. Look out for your Enrollment Kit to provide more information.

Review the materials in your Open Enrollment kit you receive in the mail. You can also review information on the online Enrollment Site by clicking “Enroll” on the Home page of this site. 

Be sure to review:

  • your annual personal enrollment fact sheet in your mailed kit, or “Your Benefits Summary” on the Enrollment Site. (Note: If your personal/address information is incorrect, contact your department’s personnel section to make updates)
  • your options and coverage costs in the CHOOSEwell Guide mailed to you (also available on the Forms & Documents section of this site September 28) or  “Choose Benefits” on the Enrollment Site
  • your dependent information and eligibility rules to verify current dependents, add new dependents, or remove ineligible dependents
  • the Eligibility, Making Changes & Supplemental Plan Information Guide to understand plan rules


  • your added dependents by December 10, 2018; provide supporting documentation for coverage of eligible dependents you add during Open Enrollment.


  • your 2019 enrollment elections by October 31! Go to the BenefitsCentral Portal or call 800-778-2133 to make elections.

Most of your previously elected 2018 benefit elections will automatically roll over to 2019 unless you make a change during Open Enrollment. 

However - Enrollment in Dependent Care Reimbursement and Flexible Spending Accounts does not automatically roll over. Any funds in these accounts for 2018 must be used in 2018. If you wish to participate in one of these accounts for 2019, you will need to enroll again during Open Enrollment.

Employees who enroll in specific levels of Life or Disability insurance may be required to complete a Medical History Statement with the Standard Insurance Company before their elected insurance level can take effect. 

Employees required to complete this form can do so online by using this link:

Use GROUP #630363

Not sure if your election requires a Medical History Statement? Check your Confirmation Statement, or review your elections by logging into your account.