Life Events

A Life Event Change can be marriage, beginning or ending a domestic partnership, birth, adoption, divorce, death, addition or loss of an eligible dependent, or a loss or gain of spouse/domestic partner health coverage. You must report a Life Event Change within 30 days of its occurrence and submit documentation within 60 days in order for the change to take effect

Adding a Dependent Child

Who’s Eligible

  • Your dependent children up to age 26 – including your domestic partner’s children if your City of Los Angeles Domestic Partnership Affidavit is approved or you provide a copy of your Declaration of Partnership filed with the California Secretary of State
  • Your grandchildren up to age 26 – if you have legal custody and provide the Employee Benefits Division with copies of court papers
  • Your grandchildren if the parent is your dependent child up to age 19 – or up to age 26 for a full-time student with valid proof of student status
  • Your disabled child age 26 or older who is dependent on you for support if disabled before age 18 and certified as disabled each year by the insurance company for your health plan

What Benefits You Can Change

  • Enroll your new dependent in your health and dental coverage
  • Enroll in or increase Healthcare Flexible Spending Account and Dependent Care Reimbursement Account contributions
  • Enroll in or change your amount of supplemental and dependent life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) and supplemental disability insurance

When You Can Enroll and Make Benefit Changes

  • Within 30 calendar days of your new dependent’s birth, placement for adoption, or date of legal guardianship or custody arrangement. If you don’t enroll within 30 calendar days, you will have to wait until the next annual enrollment, October 1–31, to change your benefit choices and your new dependent will not have LAwell coverage until the next January unless you have another qualifying life event change

How To Enroll and Make Benefit Changes