If you are eligible for LAwell benefits, you can also cover:

A Spouse

  • Your same sex or opposite sex spouse is eligible if you provide a valid marriage certificate

or a Domestic Partner (DP)

  • Your same sex or opposite sex DP is eligible if your City of Los Angeles Domestic Partnership Affidavit is approved or you provide a copy of your Declaration of Partnership filed with the California Secretary of State

and/or a Child:

  • Your dependent children up to age 26 – including your spouse/domestic partner’s children with copies of birth certificates, adoption, or other court papers
  • Your legal custody and/or foster children up to age 26 – if you provide the Employee Benefits Division with copies of court papers
  • Your grandchildren – if the parent is your dependent child up to age 19, or up to age 26 for a full-time student with valid proof of student status
  • Your disabled child of any age – who is dependent on you for support and certified as disabled each year by the insurance company for your health plan

Special Situation Child Rule: If your child is also a LAwell eligible City employee, he/she must enroll into his/her own LAwell coverage and cannot be covered as your dependent. 

Your dependent child's coverage will end on the last day of the month in which your child turns age 26. A COBRA notice will be provided to your child within 45 days of coverage termination.

Disabled Child coverage: Children with disabilities can remain your covered dependent after turning age 26 only if your LAwell health plan has certified the dependents disability.

Grandchild coverage: Coverage for grandchildren will end when the parent child reaches age 19 or age 26 if a full-time student.

The following are examples of individuals who are not considered eligible dependents:

  • your spouse following a divorce;
  • someone else’s child (such as your nieces, or nephews), unless you have been awarded legal custody or guardianship;
  • your parents, parents-in-law, or grandparents, regardless of their IRS dependent status.

NOTE: If your eligible dependent becomes ineligible (Example: Divorce, loss of custody, etc), you must drop coverage for the ineligible dependent within 30 days of the date he or she loses eligibility.